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Christian Colony attack repercussion: Christians urge provincial government for beefed up security measures


Christians bewail terror strike at Peshawar’s Christian Colony, when one Christian lost his life to terrorism. During a protest held under the banner of Madadgar Society, Christians raised serious concerns over their security issues. They urged the provincial government to pay heed to providing security to the minorities as they are the most vulnerable citizens.

Pakistani Christians demand beefed up security

This protest was held in Peshawar’s Corporation Colony. This protest was led by Javaid Sahotra, while several local Christians participated in this protest; they urged the provincial government to bring the perpetrators to justice. They were holding placards and banners with slogans against terrorism and their demands.

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During the protestation, they presented forth their demands calling for beefed up security for the Christians. At the same time, speakers condemned the attack in the strongest possible words. Christian leaders urged the government to hook the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

They further demanded that minorities should be provided beefed up security, “Owing to government’s negligence, after targeting our worship places terrorists have now reached our homes,” they said. On the other hand, they paid tribute to Pakistan Army and appreciated the efficacious operation carried out by the security forces which thwarted mass destruction.

On September 2, at around 5:50 am, four terrorists hailing from a Taliban splinter group launched an attack at the Christian Colony in Peshawar. Security forces neutralized the attackers in a 40 minutes stand-off as all four of the assailants were killed. The attackers were armed with weapons and wearing explosive vests, two out of four detonated their vests.