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Christian community in a village of Punjab under death threats


LAHORE: The anti- Christian riots continue; as another anti-Christian uprising has been reported in a village of district Khanewal- Punjab.


Christians under death threats
Christians under death threats

In line with the details, a mob of infuriated Muslims horded around the house of a Christian named Albert Masih with an intention to torch the house along with the inhabitants. This incident reportedly took place in Chak 31-10/R Essa Pur where a mass of around 50-80 peole gathered around a Christian’s house, raising slogans such as, “kill these bloody Christians they are liable to be burnt like Badami Bagh“. The agitated rioters had held Christians for degrading Makkah Sharif.

This incident was brought into the notice of Khurram Akhtar- a Research Officer of the Voice. The Voice squad consisted of Advocate Aneeqa Maria, Khurram Akhtar, Shahid Anthony and Napolean Qayyum that left Lahore to visit the distressed Village. The group reached at the scene at about 10:00pm. The area was constrained and no one was permitted to go in the village. A police officer informed the Voice team that the entire village is vacant and the Christian families have fled. The state of affairs is awfully grave there as there is a public call from the Ulema community to hit the Christian houses. As a result of which, Christians have gone other than the police that are there to guard the village.

The Voice lineup got a hint from a source that the affectees have taken asylum in a different village. The Voice team pursued the family. The TVS squad got in touch with the persecuted family at about 1:00am. “There we met many affected families including Nasir Anjum, Kaleem Masih, and Samuel Sahotra. They told us about the incidence in detail,” the TVS squad.

One of the affectees, Nasir Anjum told TVS (The Voice Society) that “the situation started became tense after the occurrence of Badami Bagh in Lahore i.e after Jan 2013, the Muslims became livid after the incidence of 295C in Badami bagh and planned to wipeout Christians from their towns and villages saying that all Christians are anti-Islamic, they use to insult our Holy Quran and Holy prophet. They do not respect our religion and therefore they should not live in our communities.”

  “Almost 25 days ago the Muslims started dispute saying that you people lay your weaved beds in the wrong directions. The foot of your bed lays in the direction of Makkah Sharif, which is very insulting and unbearable for us. The argument went manic and the Christians called the police on 15, but the police reached 4hours late. The people from the neighbors settled down the situation. Later when the police came the Muslim group that was creating aggravation excused from the Christians that they were wrong. But then each day afterwards the Muslims named Madd Khan, Aziz Ullah Khan, Javed Khan, Yousaf Khan, Majeeb-Ur- Rehman, Shifa ullah Khan, Sana Ullah khan, Jamshed Ullah Khan, Ajmal Khan, Amin Ullah Khan, Nadeem Khan, Shahid Khan and Adreem started laying eyes upon Christians and do not let go any petty issue to quarrel with the Christians,” he continued.