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Christian Community Of Bannu Extends Whole-Hearted Support To The IDPs


BANNU: Local Christian community helps accommodate the IDPs of the on going army operation Zarb-e-azab.

Bannu: Christian community helps IDPs
Bannu: Christian community helps IDPs

North Waziristan has been home to about 361,246 (according to 1993 census report). These include people from minorities including Christians and Hindus. Ever since, the military operation was launched in the hacked territory of Pakistan. Among the thousands displaced are over 100 Hindus and about 22 Christian families. According to latest official data available on Monday, the government registered 35,381 families including 114,596 males, 137,301 females and 183,532 children.


The IDPs from North Waziristan belonging to religious minorities including Christians and Hindus criticize the government of ignoring and turning a deaf ear to the minorities of the North Waziristan. These displaced and distressed Pakistanis are now living a miserable life in Bannu. However, the Christian community of Bannu has extended a helping hand to these IDPs by providing food, shelter and other miscellaneous necessities of life to both Christian and Hindu IDPs. According to Father Wasim Ayaz, Christian community in Bannu is helping around 25 Christian and Hindu families of North Waziristan. Father Wasim Ayaz stated: Neither the government’s representatives nor the political leadership of minorities have so far come to help these poor people.


The Christian and Hindu IDP’s while reflecting on the current cataclysm in their area said: the local tribesmen were very kind to them who never interfered in their affairs. However, they expressed an unvarying fear was in their minds due to clashes between militants and security forces in the area. They further expressed hope saying they want that the terrorism should be eliminated for safe and secure life in future. According to official data, the IDP’s include a number of Christians and Hindus also are number of people of Hindu and the Religious Leaders of the Bannu Christian community have arranged a school for temporary stay of these IDPs.