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Christian community of Karachi awards Basharat Khokhar


KARACHI: The Christian community in the economic hub of Pakistan acknowledges the services of a policeman.


Bashrat Khokhar
Bashrat Khokhar

Basharat Khokhar , a policeman by profession and an active Human Rights Activist. He has rendered unforgettable services regarding the Rimsha Masih case. He raises his voice for the rights of Christian community in Pakistan wherever deems necessary.

Through the past week, the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church Karachi and other welfare organizations informed Basharat Khokhar about their intention to award him in recognition to his valuable services to the Christians in Pakistan.


Mr. Khokhar extended inestimable help to Rimsha Masih while in prison and after her release.  He is careworn for citizen’s rights and combating Christian political corruption, environmental effluence and forced marriages. Basharat’s progressive high-profile labors have made him a rival of the fundamentalists.


Admitting the toil he has taken for Christians, the community of Karachi has honored him with a shield and certificates. Rafique William, a Christian businessman in Dubai, Pastor Adnan Tabsum, Pastor Jacob, and Pastor Sarfraz Walliam were in attendance at the award ceremony.