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Christian couple lynching: Elder brother of the victim harassed and coerced not to pursue the case


Iqbal Masih elder brother of Shahzad Masih harassed in order to prevent him from pursuing the case against the perpetrators. Shahzad Masih and his wife Shama Bibi were burnt alive in a brick kiln on November 4, 2014. Iqbal Masih was purportedly blocked by few men while he was returning from the court after the lynching case hearing at the court.

Christian couple burnt alive in Pakistan

Ensuing the attack, Iqbal Masih had filed an application seeking registration of FIR against the perpetrators, claiming that he recognized the men who intimidated him. In his application, he claimed that on September 3, 2016 when he was on his way back from the court at around 5 in the evening was intercepted by two motorcycles.

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Men riding the motorcycles were carrying guns and started intimidating Iqbal and other Christians who were with him. In his application, he named the assailants as Arshad Baloch, Akram Papu, Rana Sarfraz and Hashim. “They started abusing us and said get ready to die,” Iqbal Masih maintains. “We had warned you; not to follow the lynching case, but you have not paid heed,” the assailants told the Christians.

“We were terrified, but fortunately at that moment a passerby spotted the assailants, due to which the men fled on their motorcycles,” he explained in his application. Iqbal Masih further said that the assailants threatened him and other Christians to withhold all evidences regarding the case, or else get ready to die. Iqbal Masih has urged for registration of an FIR calling for provision of security for himself and other Christian witnesses in the case. Previously, a Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill who was supervising the case was harassed and was forced to flee from Pakistan amidst death threats.

Shahzad and Shama residents of Kot Radha Kishan were falsely accused of committing blasphemy, followed by a mob lynching both of them in the same brick kiln they labored.