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Christian couple’ lynching lawsuit: Very little hope of justice says the leading attorney


There are very little chances of justice in the Christian couple’s lynching case fears the leading attorney Advocate Aneeqa Maria. She has also let out grave concerns about the court proceedings, seeing that the prime suspect has been released on bail. The team of lawyers who are following the case on behalf of the victims Shama’ father have expressed serious uncertainties.

Persecuted Pakistani Christians

Advocate Aneeqa Maria, Advocate Riaz Anjum and Advocate Tahir Gill said that their charity organization The Voice Society is assisting the victims’ families in legal proceedings. They are representing father of victim Shama Bibi- the woman burnt live in the brick kiln along with her husband Shahzad.

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While remarking about the case proceedings and the prospects of getting justice to family of the victims, Advocate Aneeqa Maria said: “I want to ask a question, where are the State’s promises regarding Justice for Shama and Shahzad’s Children? Where are the blood relations? Is the blood relation doing justice to the children? What will they answer to the children of deceased couple whose empty eyes still look for their father’s affection and mother’s hugs?” “Please think,” she implored.

She explained how her charity organization is following the case and proving assistance to the victimized Christian family, saying “Please know that The Voice Society is pursuing the case on behalf of deceased Shama’s father and representing the weak children. These children might be weak now but their sufferings are much stronger than any other persecuted person.”

This case is being impeded by the influence of the locals as the lawyers say that the witnesses are backing out due to threats from the perpetrators. She said that the witnesses refuse to give statement against the perpetrators. “Now every witness is threatened and refused to recognize the accused, who have brutally murdered the Couple, but the little eyes are watching and their evidence is much stronger than anyone’s before GOD.”

In keeping with the case history, a Christian couple Shama and Shahzad were burnt alive in a brick kiln over charges of alleged blasphemy. The incident took place on November 4, 2014; whoever it was established later that Shazad and Shama did not commit blasphemy. Followed by the heinous killing, the government pledged a compensation of 5 Million Rupees and 10 acres of land to the children of the Shahzad and Shama. Shorly, a dispute arose over the guardianship of their children namely Salman, Poonam and Sonia. Shahzad’ brother and Shama’ father were contending to take guardianship of the children, while at the same time the state also claimed their guardianship.Recently, a court granted bail to Yousaf Gujjar who is the owner of the owner of the brick kiln where the Christian couple was lynched and the prime suspect in this case.