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Christian couple’s lynching case: IO submits written statement to the court


The Investigating Officer in the Christian couple’s lynching case, has submitted his written statement to the Anti-Terrorism court. During the case hearing police presented 104 suspects before the court. Ensuing submission of the written statement from the investigation officer, the court has summoned him to appear in the next hearing which is scheduled on October 5, Wednesday.

Christian couple burnt alive in Kot radha kishan

Investigation Officer Inspector Maqbool Ahmad had presented a six paper report over his findings over the incident. He will be questioned over his report during the next scheduled case hearing. The ATC judge while summoning him for next hearing adjourned the court proceedings.

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In keeping with the case history, a Christian couple Shama and Shahzad were burnt alive in a brick kiln over charges of alleged blasphemy. The lynching took place on November 4, 2014; however later, it was established that Shazad and Shama had not been guilty of committing blasphemy.

The incident came about in Kot Radha Kishan, where the Christian family was employed as laborers at a local brick kiln which eventually became their death spot. Blasphemy accusations were brought against the Christian couple. Nevertheless, it has been claimed that Shahzad had borrowed some amount from the owner of the brick kiln as a loan but could not return on promised time which brewed a dispute between the two.