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Christian cricketer living on the breadline, seeks government’s backing


Pakistani cricketer who has represented the country in several international events is living on the breadline, as he seeks government’s support. Poverty-stricken, Arif Richard, member of Pakistan disabled cricket team has left been with no other option but to clean streets of Karachi, in order to make both ends meet.

Pakistan disabled Cricket Team

Arif Richard plays as an opening batsman for Pakistan Disabled Cricket team, representing Pakistan in matches against international teams like India, Bangladesh, England and Afghanistan. Pakistani cricketer feels heart-wrenched over being disregarded by the government. He sweeps streets of Karachi, earning a petty amount of 150 rupees or even less on daily basis.

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Arif Richard when approached by a local news channels, Duniya News and Samaa, told that he was impoverished and marooned as none of the concerned authorities have tried to succor him. He said that he was forsaken and the government must take notice of his quandary.

He told that at times he manages to earn only 70, 80, 90 rupees after a whole day’s hard-work. He also told that he plays international matches but since he is jobless, he has to earn money by sweeping the streets. Richard has been playing for his country since ten years, and is jobless.

He said that the government must at least provide him with a job so that he could earn adequately and look after his family. 150 Rupees is a meager amount is not sufficient to meet every day expenses for a family. Recalling his feat in England, he said, “I feel more wretched while doing this job than as happy as I was when we won the Five-star Teams’ tournament in England.”

He said that Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association has limited resources and is therefore unable to help disabled cricketers. It is entirely government’s job to take care of the disabled cricketers, he said. Still and all, bagging so many wins for Pakistan, star cricketer sinks deep down in shame when he sweeps off the dust from streets oftentimes, covers his face so that his acquaintances may not recognize him.