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Christian divorce hassle: Judges do not have right to rule against any religion’ teachings says Pastor Samuel Khokhar


Christian couples in the country should only be allowed to part ways on conditions as prescribed in the Holy Bible, says Pastor Samuel Khokhar. He went on to slam judiciary saying that no judge exercises right to rule contrary to the Biblical teachings. He said that recently the LHC judge has ruled against the Christian concept of divorce by allowing Pakistani Christians to divorce their spouses on mutual consent.

Section 7 of Christian Divorce Act in Pakistan

Pastor Samuel Khokhar strongly condemned the decision of LHC; saying that United Bishop Council of Pakistan and Supreme Council of Bishops should take stance against this decision and issue a decree against the provocative ruling.

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“LHC’s ruling goes against the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, and the Christian beliefs,” he said. He further added that the Petitioner who himself is a Christian should be considered a pervert from the Christian belief. He said that the petitioner had filed a petition which negates the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.

He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take note of the divisive ruling, and insisted that necessary amendments should be made in the Christian Divorce Act which fall in line with the Holy Bible and the Christian concept of divorce. He said that if this ruling is not revoked, country’ Christians will be left with no other option but to protest against LHC’ ruling.

Previously, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah had of LHC had pronounced Section 7 of the Christian Divorce Act of 1869, at the same time annulling Section 10 of the Christian Divorce Act of 1981. According to Section 7 of Christian Divorce Act 1869; Christian couples were permitted, seek divorce according to procedures implemented by British Christian culture and laws.

Christian couples are allowed to file for divorce even without the ground of adultery. On the other hand, Section 10 of the Christian Marriage Act 1971, which was introduced by General Zia-ul-Haq, followed by a plea that Christian couples should only be allowed to part ways on the grounds of adultery.