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Christian domestic helper forced to convert ensuing her demand for increased wages


38-year-old Christian woman Ester Imran wife of Imran Masih was forced to convert to Islam, when she demanded for an increase in her monthly salary. Owing to a meager financial background, Ester Imran resorted to working as a domestic helper at house of a Muslim lawyer Mian Muhammad Akbar. Details emerged that the lawyer had coerced Ester to marry a Muslim man in order to procure a financially stable life.

Pakistani Christian  women

Pakistan Christian Post reports that Ester had started working at the house of Mian Muhammad Akbar in 2010 for a monthly salary of 6000 Pakistani Rupees. After serving for six years she demanded for an increase in her monthly wages as her expenses had increased and it was getting difficult for her to make both ends meet with two school going children and a husband who is a rickshaw driver but his earnings were not enough to meet the increased expenses.

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Back in August, Ester asked her employer to increase her salary as the expenses are increasing too. “She asked him that it has become difficult to survive with this little amount of 6000, where as she worked hard and more than her wages. She asked them to realize that she is serving their family since last six years and now it’s become inevitable to do request for the increasing salary,” PCP reports.

Finally she decided to quit the job as the wages were not enough to meet her needs. She plainly told Mian Muhammad Akbar that she intends to quit working at his house and look for a job that pays her well. Purportedly, Advocate Mian Muhammad Akbar became exasperated and harassed her trying to compel her to work at his house.

During this period she was continuously coerced to convert and to marry a Muslim man. She kept on resisting and refusing, to deny her faith in Lord Jesus Christ. On September 19, she was able to break away from the captivity of the lawyer and reached her house. The Christian family was forced to flee and went into hiding.

After a week, Imran and Ester came to know that Advocate Akbar was hunting for them and was making a hectic search for them. With no option left, on October 2, Ester and her sister approached CTS and beseeched for safe shelter.