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Christian employees of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation implore authorities for their legitimate rights


Christian employees of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC), Hyderabad, Taluka Latifabad are calling upon the authorities to ensure dispensation of their legitimate rights. In a message demanding justice, the minorities’ employees of HMC had urged for regularization of their services and other rights due to them.

Pakistani Christians demand their rightful rights from government

In a message voiced by the Christian employees with one accord, it was whined that the sanitary workers need justice. “Employees working since thirteen to fourteen years are still on contract basis- we demand their regularization at priority basis.”

“We appeal to Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael, Member of National Assembly Asiya Nasir, Sindh’s Minister for Social Harmony Naveed Anthony; to personally look into the matter.”

Further beseeching the Sindh government, they demanded that considering minorities are called equal citizens of Pakistan, they should also be treated like equal citizens, as has been guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan. “If discrimination persists we will be forced to consider ourselves second class citizens who are deprived of their constitutional rights,” they whined.

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While further voicing their grievances over denial of their legitimate rights, Christians have called upon Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Moto notice of the negligence of the HMC towards it employees. “We have reached the ages of 30’s and 40’s working at the HMC, still we are paid a meager amount of 10,000/ Rupees as due to contract basis workers.”