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Christian evangelicals are angry about Facebook’s support for LGBT Pride month


Facebook has declined to give in to requests by Christian evangelicals to make a cross “response” emoji.
Campaigners are especially enraged at the absence of a Christ-related smaller than expected image after a Pride signal was added to the web-based social networking monster’s pictorial dictionary a month ago.

Christian evangelicals are angry about Facebook's

Facebook presented the rainbow-shaded response emoji to check LGBT Pride month on 9 June and “praise love and differing qualities”.

Be that as it may, on 24 June, Hikmat Hanna posted a picture requesting a cross response emoji also, which was then shared by evangelist Joshua Feuerstein to his two million devotees.

The post has now been shared more than 9,000 times and accumulated more than 28,000 “responses” – including more than 3,000 rainbow banners.

A few clients composed strong remarks on the post, saying: “You can’t cheat nature. God can’t make individuals of a similar sex to ever experience passionate feelings for each other. He can’t.”

Another stated: “Individuals took an image like the rainbow which implies excellence and a non-ruinous activity and transformed it into a dangerous wicked image.”

In any case, others guarded the symbol, with one observer saying they should “quit feeling oppressed” in light of the fact that “by that rationale there ought to be one for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and every single other religion”.

Another stated: “There’s more than one religion. Your absence of confidence in the others doesn’t make yours “valid” as a matter of course. May Thor be with you.”

A Facebook representative later told the Huffington Post: “This response is not really accessible on Facebook, and is not something we’re taking a shot at.”

Mr Feinstein is a straightforward commentator of gay rights, fetus removal and secularism.