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Christian Freedom International Requests Prayers For Christians In Pakistan


WASHINGTON: Christian Freedom International calls for prayers for the persecuted Christians in Pakistan. 

Christian Freedom International
Christian Freedom International

The Christian Freedom International’s call for prayer includes the following key points:

  • Young girls are constantly at risk of being victimized through the injustice and abuse of Pakistan’s shari’a law, as there is a growing number of incidents involving physical abuse, false imprisonment, and even the murder of minority Christians. Pray for the safety of all believers in this country and that the government will implement stricter laws protecting these persecuted citizens.
  • Pray that the cultural boundaries between Christians and Muslims will break down so that more Muslims will be receptive to hearing the Gospel message. Because many Muslims fear the repercussions of conversion and the risk of being labelled an apostate, they are especially hesitant to make a life-changing decision for Christ. Pray that a special network of Muslim converts would strengthen throughout the country to offer spiritual support and discipleship for one other. Pray that the Gospel would reach the more than 350 un evangelized people groups in Pakistan — the ones who are currently living with no Christians, no churches, no missionaries…and no witness for Jesus Christ.
  • Fortunately, the Church in Pakistan continues to thrive despite increasing persecution and other obstacles. Pray for the growth of strong leadership within the church, as well as the provision of more training resources, educational opportunities, finances, and material support for critical items such as Bibles and other Christian literature.
  • Only seven out of Pakistan’s 70 languages has a New Testament or Bible translation. Pray for the efforts and research of translation teams that are working on additional languages so that the Scriptures can become more widely available.

Ever since 1998, Christian Freedom International has been on the front position in the fight for the rights of persecuted Christians around the globe. CFI has thus far, provided aid to thousands of suffering men, women, and children through the distribution of food, medicine, clothing, Bibles, and other basic supplies in countries where persecution is most intense. Moreover building field hospitals, schools in refugee camps, and support to an enterprise system that enables hundreds of Christians to provide badly needed income goes to CFI’s credit. However CFI’s work is not limited to the supply of relief aid. CFI has over and over again remained active as a “voice for the voiceless.”