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Christian Girl Abducted By Her Muslim Boss And Sold As Slave


Sobia Masih, a Christian girl aged 19, was abducted and sold as a slave to another dominant Muslim of Muzaffargrah. Sobia Masih was abducted by Mohammad Adil Zulifiqar from Dera Ghazi Khan.

kiddnapped, converted, married
Girls of minorities faith are kidnapped, converted and married by influentials.



Father of Sobia Masih, Sharif Masih approached WVIP office and asked for help and support to recover their daughter. World Vision in Progress WVIP is working for persecuted Christians in Pakistan.


Sharif Masih told them that Sobia Masih didnot returned home on March 11, 2014, when she went to work in house of Mohammad Adil Zulifqar, where his wife Rani Bibi was worked as maid but due to sickness did not went that day.


On March 11, 2014, Sobia went alone to clean home of Mohammad Adil Zulifqar who owns a workshop in Dera Gazi Khan but did not returned home till evening on which her parents went to house of Mohammad Adil Zulfiqar but it was locked. While enquiring from neighborhood, they were told that Mohammad Adil family left for Lahore yesterday and this afternoon he also gone to Lahore with your daughter and friends.


Victim’s parents went to police station to file report of abducting of their daughter but police denied to register their report but alleged that their daughter is run away from home and Mohammad Adil Zulifqar is a respectable Muslim of area.


When, theyi were madly searching for their daughter Sobia Masih, they received call from Mohammad Adil Zulfiqar that Sobia Masih has accepted religion Islam and he has married with her.


A WVIP field Officer, Ejaz Hussian, who also hails from Dera Ghazi Khan, approached to the local Political leadership and requested their assistance.

On March 16, 2014, culprit was track down by WVIP team which reached hiding place of Mohammad Adil Zulfiqar along with local political and social leadership where he was alone and Sobia Masih was not found.


On begging and out cries of victim’s parents to produce their daughter before Muslim leaders in presence of Mohammad Adil Zulifiqar; he said “Sobia Masih is a Muslim now and his wife but not present here nor he can produce her but she will be available to record her statement before Muslim elders when deemed fit”


A close friend of Mohammad Adil Zulifqar Muhammad Dildar told Ejaz Hussain, that Mohammad Adil Zulifqar has sold Sobia Masih to a rich man in Muzaffargarh.


This is not the first time when Christian girls are sold out, Tania Rebecca, Parvisha , Sonia and now Sobia, there is long line of Christian girls who have been abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and sold as slaves to influential Muslims.