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Christian Girl Became Victim Of Sexual Abuse In Gujranwala


A 13 year old Christian girl was found raped in the fields on 14 January. She was first taken to a nearby hospital then sent to Lahore hospital for DNA test on 16 January after the registration of FIR.

Christian Girl Became Victim Of Sexual Abuse In Gujranwala

Her father who has been living in that rural area since last 30 years is a poor bound laborer. In that village there lived only four Christian families. Her father who does not want to reveal his name for honor sake told that he has 7 children and her sexually assaulted daughter helped him in rearing his cattle.

The girl’s father said that she had been working with him in rearing cattle since early morning till noon, daily. On 14 January they had to go to attend a marriage ceremony while she went to work with her little cousin. When they returned they did not find their daughter. Then he searched for her and found her little cousin tied with scarf in the fields.

Her cousin told him that Zaman Khan (a laborer who lived in a neighboring village) wounded her with sickle and tied her grabbing her elder cousin forcefully. Her father told that he found her daughter shouting for help in the fields while Zaman Khan 28 years of age slipped from the site when heard her father approaching in the fields. Then they took the injured girl to a nearby hospital.

Zaman Khan recently hired by the landlord they are working under for several years. Their landlord when told the whole incident made efforts to arrest Zaman. The girl’s father told that though they are religious minority in the village his neighbors stand with him in solidarity.

According to ASI (Assistant Sub-Inspector) Adnan Shahzad, Zaman Khan is under arrest and being interrogated later he will be sent to prison.

Christian parliamentarian Mary Gill visited the immature sexually abused victim’s family.
She said, “Will we also speak up for this Christian child, as we did for Zainab? We cannot now save Zainab, but we are responsible for bringing the culprits to justice.”