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Christian Girl Forced to Convert and Marry Fears for Her Life


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(All names in the news article have been changed to protect identity)

Sania Masih from Mozang Lahore was abducted by her Muslim colleague and forced to convert to Islam and marry the man.

On February 8, 2016, parents of the victim approached Christians’ True Spirit (CTS), a non-government, nonprofit Christian organisation in Pakistan that especially works for empowerment of young girls and women from the minorities community, and requested a safe shelter for their daughter Sania Masih.

According to details, Sania Masih, 22 belongs to a poor family. Her parents work as domestic help in neighbouring houses and have worked hard to pay for the education of their three children in English medium private schools.

After completing her intermediate studies, Sania decided to help her parents and started working as a receptionist at a private clinic/hospital in Mozang Lahore in July 2015.

Two months after she started the job, a Muslim man from her office showed interest in befriending her to which Sania declined. Hassan started following Sania home which frightened Sania and she requested Hassan to stop pursuing her.

Finally Hassan proposed to Sania for marriage to which Sania declined. Hassan, unable to face the rejection, kidnapped Sania and took her to a local mosque to marry her forcibly.

The imam (cleric) of the mosque pointed out that Sania could not be given into Hassan’s nikah until and unless she accepted Islam. To this Hassan responded by forcing Sania to recite the Muslim statement of faith. Hassan forced her to embrace Islam on the gun point and asked her to sign a blank paper. He also took her thumb impression on the blank stamp paper and forced her to give statement in the court that she willingly signed stamp papers to embrace Islam and get married to Hassan and that she has not been kidnapped and is accepting Islam out of her free will.

A week after the abduction, Sania was able to contact her parents and flee from captivity. Even after her return, she did not feel safe at her house and hence, Sania’s parents have requested Christians’ True Spirit to provide a safe shelter to Sania.