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Christian Girl Seized, Forced to Convert Religion and Pressurized to Wed a Muslim in Lahore


Lahore.  A 16-year-old girl, Samariya Nadeem (Christian) got kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim land lord forcefully.

This incident occurred in 270-TDA Layyah District on January 16th 2014 when she was on her way to school. Later than abduction by a Muslim landowner, she was forced to get married to him after switching to Islam.

abduction to get marry

Her family acts in response to a public protest, claiming justice from government authorities. Police and the authorities are unsuccessful to get her free, on family’s behalf the Catholic Church demands justice but Muslim priest defend the incident and says that it is not unlawful to abduct and convert a non-Muslims.

Her family filed a FIR (First Information Report 14/14, under Section 365 B of the Penal Code) to the police for the kidnap reporting that Samariya was taken without her consent and was pressurized to marry a Muslim man.

So far, police is futile to pursue any authorized action against the neighborhood wealthy Muslim landowner who kidnapped the young girl because of the pressure he manipulates. Police authorities are as well powerless to speak to the injured and frightened victim. Unidentified police sources verify that the girl was “sized” and forced to marry a Muslim. On the other hand, an Islamic priest is engaged in the matter and claims that it was “not illegal to abduct and convert non-Muslims”.


Human rights activists and civil society groups have requested Chief Minister of Punjab to take action and get her free from abduction, return Samariya to her parents and bring her hostage taker to justice.


Abducting and imposed marriage have turn out to be a prominent issue in Pakistan, mainly in southern Punjab and in the central Sindh province. Young women and girls are vigorously converted to Islam and forced to married influential landlords there who keep them enslaved. Sadly, nation seems to be getting “discouraged” day by day. For this very purpose, the Church ministries have stood up to spoke out regarding the miserable incident, insisting to serve justice for Samariya and her family. Even though that a FIR has been rolled, the authorities have been unsuccessful to perform and defend the defenseless.

Christian Girl Seized, Forced to Convert Religion and Pressurized to Wed a Muslim in Lahore

Pakistan is a nation with population of plus 180 million people which have Muslim in majority (about 97 per cent are Muslims). It is the second largest Muslim nation after Indonesia; Pakistan is also the sixth most heavily populated nation of the earth. Muslims also have Firkas, about 80 per cent of Muslims are Sunni, and at the same time Shias are 20 per cent. Hindus are about 1.85 per cent, along with Christians who are now 1.6 per cent; whereas in 1947 they were about 20 per cent and Sikhs are the least with 0.04 per cent.

Violent behavior against ethnic and religious minorities has become usual across the realm, where Shia Muslims and Christians are the prominent target, which is getting worse day by day. Several incidents of violence happened lately, against either individuals or whole communities, like in Gojra incident in 2009 or Joseph Colony arson in Lahore in March 2013, often commit under the alleged reason of our country’s blasphemy laws.