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Christian gorup calls for prayers, seeks betterment in the lives of Afghani women


A Christian charity CAFOD, has urged the believers to pray for the destitute Afghani women. CAFOD is imploring the Afghan government and the European leaders to make sure Afghani girls have easy access to education. This appeal was put forth at a special two-day meeting of Foreign Ministers from 70 countries.

Human Rights abuses in Afghanistan

Dominic Carroll stated: “It’s important that this progress continues, so that women who are often marginalized and don’t necessarily have access to make a living, are able to provide for themselves, to earn money, and also to have a voice in decision making.”

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“World leaders need to be aware of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan that has led to more than a million internally displaced people, unemployment rates of 40% and the highest levels of civilian casualties since 2009,” he went on to state.

At the same time, while talking to the Premier, he said that Christians can pray for: “Keep the people of Afghanistan in their thoughts and in their prayers… and to pray for an enhancement of the peace process.”

On the other hand, Palwasha Hassan, Director of Afghan Women’s Educational Centre (AWEC), said that women are pivotal in the uplifting of Afghanistan. “Peace and security is especially important for women’s public roles in Afghanistan,” she said.

“When instability occurs, the first thing that happens is that women are told to stay at home and children are kept away from school. But women have an important role to play in rebuilding Afghanistan and securing peace. Peace is never real without an inclusive, equal society.”