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Christian groups lend helping hand to flood victims in South Asia


Hundreds of flash flood victims in South Asian countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal are being helped by several Christian charity groups. It has been estimated that the death toll from South Asian flash flooding is almost 20 times higher than the Texas flooding. Meanwhile, the death toll from recent flash flooding in South Asia has risen to 1400.

Christians in South Asia

Flash floods have left a trail of destruction behind, adding to the quandary diseases like dengue, diarrhea and malaria are hitting hard. Battered by flood waters, tens and thousands are left with nowhere to live, on the other hand 5.9 million acres of irrigated land has suffered damage. In Bangladesh alone, 13, 000 people had been affected by diarrhea and infections of respiratory tract.

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In the thick of adversity, Christian groups alongside local governments are serving the affected extending God’s love to them. Speaking in this regard, Deputy Director of the International Federation of the Red Cross in Asia-Pacific Martin Faller said: “These people need our help, and we are doing all we can to meet their needs.”

Secretary General of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Mozharul Haq said: “Diseases such as diarrhea, malaria and dengue are on the rise in some areas and we need support to prevent further death and suffering.”

At the same time, flash floods severely lashed Mumbai when about 18.4 million were affected. In the midst of the escalating crisis, Christian charity groups including Grand Rapids, Mission India have extended helping hand to the flood victims. These charities are terming their workers on fields as “hands and feet of Christ at this time.”

Mission India’s Erik Morsehead said: “A lot of our partners are coming alongside the community and trying to step up and help out the areas that are being severely impacted by the amount of flooding that’s taking place. I think it’s a two-prong approach. It’s definitely the urgency of just helping your neighbors, whether they’re Christians or not, and coming alongside. And with them coming alongside, it also presents the opportunity to showcase the love of Christ and the message of the Good News.”