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Christian Ice cream vendor’fix: Court date for Khaleel Masih postponed until next month


Court date for Khaleel Masih postponed till next month. The Christian ice cream vendor’ case was presented in a court for trial, under the patronage of Federal Minster for Human Rights Kamran Michael. The initial date for case hearing was scheduled for June 27, which was postponed till July 11.

Christian ice cream vedor beaten by mob in Pakistani village

The legal team for Khaleel Masih included Advocate Shamim Bhatti, Advocate Chaudhary Traiq Masih Mattu, Advocate Malik Safeer Khan Waseer and Advocate Chaudhary Noor Dil Awaiz Sindhu. Khaleel Masih along with his family member and his legal representatives presented themselves before the Chuniyaan District court. The court rescheduled the case hearing until July 11.

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42-year-old, Khaleel Masih- a Christian ice cream vendor was viciously bashed by a mob in a village in District Kasur. . Khaleel Masih was tortured by a mob of twenty or so people for selling ice-creams to Muslim women and children. “Christians are untouchables,” the mob chanted while beating him – “they (Christians) should not be allowed to sell edibles to Muslims they claimed.

“I am thankful to Kamran Michael, for standing by me,” said Khaleel Masih. He said that because of personal involvement of Kamran Michael; an FIR has been registered against those who had tortured him based on religious repugnance.