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Christian lawyer calls for beefed up security measures at churches on Easter


As the wave of terrorism strikes back, Pakistani Christian lawyer has raised serious concerns over the state of security being provided at the churches. Advocate Jacqueline Sultan, who is a rights campaigner as well, has urged the government of Pakistan to take efficacious measures in order to ensure safety and protection of Christians on the occasion of Easter.

Easter celebrations in Pakistan

In this regard, Advocate Jacqueline has urged the Interior Minister, Federal Minister, and Ministry of Interior and Government of Pakistan, Provincial Governments to ensure adequate security at all the churches in Pakistan.
In this regard, she has written a letter to the Interior Minister, calling for urgent attention towards the matter.

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The text of Advocate Jacqueline’s letter is as below:

The Hon’ble Interior Minister,
Government of Pakistan,


Hon’ble Sir,

The undersigned would like to draw your kind attention to the prevailing scenario / circumstances in Pakistan pertaining to the religious Minorities particularly the Christian community in Pakistan where Christian community targeted in the following incidents:

  • On 28th October 2001, an armed group attacked a church in Bahawalpur, slaughtering a total of 16 people, children inclusive.
  • On 17th March 2002, a grenade attack claimed the life of five people, an American woman and her daughter included among them. The attack took place in Islamabad at the diplomatic enclave.
  • In 2002 August, a Christian hospital in Taxila was attacked, killing 4 women.
  • January 2004, a car bomb explodes outside the Christian Bible Society in Karachi, injuring 12 people.
  • Seven innocent Christian welfare workers were tragically murdered in Pakistan on September 25, 2002 in Idaara-e-Amn-o-Insaf (Institute for Peace and Security) was a Christian charitable organization
  • A church’s central door was exploded in 2010 which resulted in the church being damaged but no casualties were reported.
  • St Franicis of Assisi church Karachi 12 Oct. 2012, at least 160 houses, 18 shops and two small churches were burnt by protesters at Joseph Colony incident on March 9, 2013
  • Shadbagh Colony (July 28th 2013)
  • All Saints Church (September 2013) attack claimed more than 80 lives and injured 100 Christians on a Sunday, in Peshawar
  • Youhanabad blast (15th March, 2015) around 15 people were killed and 70 injured.

In view of the above, you are therefore requested to please provide adequate security as the Christians Religious Festivals is about to be celebrated on 16 April 2017 to avoid any mishap and precious lives of the Christians be saved.

With kind regards,
Jacqueline Sultan
Advocate High court