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Christian lawyer distributes Christmas gifts among poor Christians


Pakistani Christian lawyer distributes Christmas gifts among poor Christians, in order to spread the joys of the season. Advocate Jacqueline Sultan, who is also a staunch rights’ campaigner met with poor Christians in Kotri, in Sindh Province. Advocate Jacqueline also heard their stories and discussed their issues.

Christmas 2016 celebrations in Pakistan

Advocate Jacqueline heard the stories of the poor Christian women, who told her about the injustices done to them. At this occasion, she also handed out special Christmas gifts to the marginalized Christian community. At this occasion, the Christian women expressed their gratitude and appreciation of her efforts.

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During the meeting, the women told Advocate Jacqueline was told that the ratio of injustices with the minorities was comparatively high. The women told her that the incidents of injustices were frequent and not sometimes harsh in nature.

While remarking about the situation of lack of basic facilities to the citizens and human rights abuses, Advocate Jacqueline said that in line with The Global Slavery Index 2013, Pakistan ranked third after Mauritania and Haiti, in the predominance of child labor. She further explained that the International Labour Organization (ILO) had detailed that the overall number of child laborers has declined from 200 million in 2000, to 168 million in 2014.

She further explained that about 25 million children lack the facility of education; their parents are simply unable to bear the expenses of schooling. She further portrayed a dismal picture by saying that about 15 million children who are out of school are earning for their families through various forms of manual labor.

The real development, she continued is possible only when the entire population will be able to lead a respectable and upright life. Basic issues such as, education, healthcare, poverty, sanitation, unemployment etc are dealt with; it is only then real development and progress will be achieved. She asserted that striving for development is not only the duty of government but the citizens will also have to work hard in order to fight various social scourges such as that of child labor.