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Christian lawyer hails anti-rape, anti-honor killing laws


Pakistani Christian lawyer Advocate Jacqueline Sultan, has welcomed the anti-rape and anti-honor killing laws passed recently by the Parliament. She appreciated the efforts of the government and legislators in this regard, and expressed contentment over the measure saying that the laws will be helpful in curbing incidents of rapes and honor killings.

Pakistani Christian lawyer

Advocate Jacqueline Sultan, expressed her views about the newfangled laws during her meeting with Advocate Anjum and Advocate Nigar. While remarking about the deteriorating situation of human rights abuses of women in the country, she said that inadequate laws, low literacy rate and hostile-mind set are the root causes of honor killings and rape. She further explained that in most cases the incidents go unreported which is why the perpetrators are not conviction and the exact data of the cases is hard to be drafted.

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In rural areas, rates of such incidents are on the higher side, she explained. She referred to the Human Rights Commission Pakistan report, that about one thousand cases of honor killings were reported in last two years however, only 400 FIRs were filed owing to pressure from the landlords or police.

In most of these cases, the victims were women, and the killers were kinsmen who go unpunished. Most of the times, family of the victim pardons the killer, as is an option bestowed upon the victim’s family. She said advocates especially women advocates, civil society and NGOs working for the women protection and rights have put in a lot of effort to get these bills passes. At the same time, Advocate Jacqueline Sultan thanked Senator Farhat Ullah Babar, for tabling these bills.

She expressed concerns for the enforcement of the laws, so that speedy justice can be administered to the victims of rape and honor killing. By doing so, rate of these incidents can be reduced significantly. Government should make it tougher than the ordinary murder cases, she demanded.