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Christian lawyer heaps condemnation over Mustafa Kamal’s derogatory speech regarding Christians


Prominent Christian lawyer from Sindh Advocate Sooba Bhatti heaps condemnation over Mustafa Kamal’s derogatory speech regarding Christians. Mustafa Kamal, head of Pak Sar Zameen Party had uttered degrading words about Christians in his speech which was covered by the media. His demeaning speech has provoked widespread anger among Christians in Pakistan.

Pakistani Christians humiliated

In a statement Advocate Sooba Bhatti strongly condemned Mustafa Kamal’s statement saying, “Mustafa Kamal had unnecessarily used derogatory words regarding Christians during his verbal prizefight with Chief Minister of Sindh.”

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In his statement, Mustafa Kamal had referred to Christian Union leaders, Tara Masih and humiliating word “Bhangi” used to insult Christians. “We disapprove of his statement, we want Mustafa Kamal to present a clarification over his disparaging statement and offer an apology to Christians over hurting their sentiments.”

At the same time Advocate Sooba Bhatti urged all the Christians who had joined hands with Mustafa Kamal, to seek an apology from their leader as he has ridiculed Christians in Pakistan. This speech has sparked nationwide condemnation from various Christian leaders, social activists and others.