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Christian lawyer leads a peace walk, calling for continued action against terrorists


Christian advocate Jacqueline Sultan has urged for continued action against the terrorists during a peace walk held on December 10, Saturday. More than 150 people joined voices during this peace walk and called for an end of violence, terrorism, hatred, intolerance and sectarian violence while at the same time the participants paid homage to the victims of terrorism.


Human Rights activists, Civil Society and laymen participated in this walk and urged the government to endorse peace and take efficacious steps in order to curb the mindset of violence. While addressing the participants, Advocate Jacqueline Sultan said that the main purpose of this peace walk was to create a sense and awareness about the importance of peace and significance of propagating social harmony.

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She said that masses must be encouraged to take a firm stand against all forms of violence. She emphasized that regions are ruined only on the grounds that peace is not prevalent and consequently, many valuable lives are lost. Pakistan has been badly affected by the bane of war and terrorism, she said.

Advocate Jacqueline added that the education system, life style, economic and social values have been tainted by terrorism. She asserted that “there is need to give the terrorists and extremists a retort of their bad deeds and save our Pakistan from them.”

She said Pakistan has been badly affected by war and terror which badly affected our education, life style, economical value, and social values. She pointed out to the fact that lack of educating the masses resulting in low literacy rate causes cultivation of extremist mindset. This extremist mindset can only be eradicated only be educating the people.

Other participants while addressing the assembly called upon the government to hold dialogue with the militant out fits, in order to thwart their violent activities. At the same time they rooted for continuation of the military offensive against militancy in Waziristan. They urged for stepped up action from the government to prevent terrorism.

Advocate Jacqueline Sultan asserted that Pakistanis have always supported peace and the military action targeting militants across the country must continue. She and rest of the participants paid tribute to the security personnel who have been risking their lives in order to ensure security of the citizens.