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Christian Leaders Anxious over Mission’s Church Office Arson


LAHORE: Christian leaders express deep concerns over the security of Christian organizations in Pakistan amid increasing attacks.

Burnt Church office
Burnt Church office

The mainstream Christian leaders including Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra,  Rt.Rev.Bishop Sharif Gill, Rt.Rev.Bhagat Arif Javed, Chairman Christian Labor Party Zulfiqar Sandhu, Ex-counselor to CM Punjab Peter Gill, General Secretary HLCP Naseeb Anjum Chaudhry Advocate, Leader Tehraeek-e-Insaaf Aamir Samuel, Ex-member District Council Arif Iqbal Bhatti including Chairman Sharing Life Ministry Sohail Johnson and many other Christian religious and political leadership expressed have expressed their anguish over the incident while expressing their grievance over the vindictive blazing of Church office including dozens of Holy Bibles and numerous other religious books. Nonetheless, all of them urged the government to investigate into the incident.

Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan (HLCP) Chairman Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra said,” the government had made a couple of false promises.” He further said,” the Christians, along with other non-Muslim minorities, were discriminated against in the Constitution of Pakistan. Non-Muslims are barred from becoming the President or Prime Minister. Furthermore, they are barred from being judges in the Federal Shariat Court, which has the power to strike down any law deemed un-Islamic.”
A worker in church office recalls, “I left my office room for 15-20 minutes before the incident as there was no electricity. In my absence, some impish element entered the Church office and thrown inflaming material inside where piles of Church Books, Bibles and Biblical printed material including all office equipment caught fire and burnt to ashes.”
One more eyewitness Habib Francis told, “We tried to extinguish the fire with water-filled buckets and it turned more difficult when electricity restored, we disconnected the main power wires from outside.”