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Christian leaders urge Punjab Government to nullify the Punjab Local Act


Press Conference by Christians

Pakistani Christian clergy men announce running a campaign against the Punjab Local Act.

The Pakistani Bishops during a press conference in Lahore whined that the Punjab Local Act does not provides, the Pakistani Christian citizens to elect their representatives directly according to their will.

Bishops and priests hailing from various Christian denominations, complained that the act deprives Christians from their legitimate right of choosing their representatives. Further more, they appealed the government to annul the Punjab Local Act. During the Press conference, the Bishops also warned the government to repeal the law or else they will incite a nationwide campaign against the ordinance.

At this occasion, Bishop Irfan Jamil, Vicar General of Arch Diocese-Francis Gulzar, Pastor Shahid Mairaj, Reverend Emmanuel Khokhar, Samson Salamat, Hindu leader Pundit Lal Bhaghat and various other minorities leaders were all present during this press conference.

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All the participants of this press conference who were from various religious communities nodded in confirmation that Punjab was the only province of Pakistan where religious minorities were being treated as third class citizens and were singled out for their religious faiths.

They were of one accord that in other three provinces, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Sindh religious minorities are given the liberty and opportunities to select their representatives according to their will by electing them.

They urged the government of Punjab to review its policy as soon as possible. They stated that the members of National and Provincial Assemblies are our elected representatives, yet these representatives do not seem to be least interested in looking into the plight of religious minorities. They further complained that the politicians use religious minorities for their own vested interests.

The Christians leaders in collaboration with several leaders from various other religious communities gave an ultimatum to the Government of Punjab, saying if the Punjab government does not nullifies the Punjab Local Act within a week, the minorities will run a campaign across Pakistan till their demand is met by the government.