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Christian man captured on blasphemy charge in Gujrat


Gujrat: July 17, 2017. (Kashif Nawab) fake grumbling of ungodly act against a 16-year-old Christian kid Shehzad Masih s/o Shafaquat Masih has been enrolled First Information Report No. 273/17 under segment 295-C Pakistan Penal Code on the objection of Nadeem Ahmed s/o Saghir Ahmed in the purview of Dinga Police Station District Gujrat. The complainant and his compliances affirmed Shahzed utilizing harsh comments and acquired his announcement under impacts utilizing swarm weight.

Christian man captured on lewdness charge in Gujrat

Shahzad’s folks worked for a nearby healing facility by the name of Shahmim Riaz Hospital under the administration of Dr. Tariq. The guardians very their employment and Shahzad began work there. He was filling in as peon at the healing center for as long as six months. A month back, a Muslim man named Ishtiaq Qadri who included Shahzad in exchange over religious open deliberation that at last wound up in question. Whenever Dr. Tariq was interceded and the issue was settled.

On Thursday, July 13, 2017, Qadri again withheld Shahzad into dialog and faulted his utilizing disparaging comments against the Holy Prophet. He brought the fake issue into the consideration of Muslim people group a crowd of Muslims attempted recorded his announcement underweight on extreme dangers. This issue was made on a debate with no reality by any means. Shahzad is the senior child who has two more youthful siblings and a sister.

Be that as it may, Muslim fanatic have arranged a crowd truly in this association on July 17, 2017. It has been a standard in the groups by and by to exact retribution Christians into disrespect to settle their own issues and question. The family has This has not been the first run through, but rather be that as it may, because of the Social Action Transformation of Humanity who auspicious made the move and spared the Christian people group also the family.