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Christian man, father of five, shot dead in Sialkot, Pakistan



Nazir Masih was shot dead in Sialkot
Nazir Masih shot dead in Sialkot

According to details, a Christian man named Nazir Masih, was at his work at the Municipal Government Counsil building, Sialkot on Thursday morning when he was shot dead by unknown assailants. Post mortem reports reveal four gun wounds. The man was the sole bearer of the family and father of five young children the youngest of which is eleven years old.

Nazir’s brother while talking to a local watchdog group said, “He was such a humble gentleman and had no enemies. I cannot understand why anyone would want to shoot him.”

After the murder, many protesters gathered at the town center on weekend to protest against the shooting and urged the police to look into the matter seriously. After the protest, the police filed an FIR and termed it as a ‘small scale terror attack’.

An investigating officer said, “”We can only guess the motive of the killers and our hunch is that Nazir may have witnessed a crime or seen some sought after criminals.”

The police is still investigating the case but will the case be a different example out of many or a part of a large number of red tapped cases, is yet to be known.