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Man Killed by Brick Kiln Owner in Revenge for Relatives



A 24 year old man was allegedly killed by a brick kiln owner in revenge for the deceased’s relatives.

According to details, Imran’s relatives who worked as bonded labourers at brick kiln No.2 Olakh Bonga about 60 KM south of Lahore had fled from their houses. The relatives still owed some debt to the kiln owner.

Imran, who eloped with Sonia, not knowing that his relatives had fled, went to take refuge at his relatives’ place where the brick kiln owner held him and his wife to pressurize his relatives to return his debt or come back to work as bonded labour.

Both Imran and Sonia were made hostage by the owner of brick kiln where Imran was tortured for four days and Sonia was forced for matrimonial relationship with the son of brick kiln owner’s manager. When the brick kiln owner’s demands were not met, he slit Imran’s throat who died on his way to the hospital.

An FIR numbered 95/2016 under section 302/34 Pakistan Penal Code was registered at Police Station Saddar Phool Nagar against the brick kiln owner but no one has been arrested yet.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Activist who heads Legal Evangelical Association Development went to visit the family and assured them of legal assistance.

“I am highlighting the violation of human rights in Pakistan and striving to achieve to raise awareness among the political elites and trying to build some political pressure for achieving social justice,” Gill said
Thousands of Christians work as bonded labour in brick kilns in Pakistan. Many of them are children.

Brick kiln labourers work long hours in back-breaking, dangerous conditions. Whole families—even small children—work all day to make bricks by hand. From before dawn and in the blistering heat of the sun they then stack the bricks to be baked in huge mud ovens. If they manage to make 1,000 bricks a day they receive about £2 / $3. It is a demeaning work for pitiful rewards.

As bricks cannot be made during the rainy season, most workers are deep in debt to the manager, who is eager to advance them small loans that bind them to the kiln for life. It is a cruel slavery from which they can never escape. To escape is to invite swift and sometimes violent revenge from the kiln owner as can be seen from this case.