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Christian Missionaries On The Front Line Against Ebola


Christian missions have been providing aid to countries around the world to deal with health and socioeconomic crises for decades – they’re willing to step up and help out when others turn a blind eye.

Christian missionaries working agains EBOLA
Christian missionaries working agains EBOLA

From HIV/AIDS epidemic to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, Christian relief groups like Catholic Charities, SIM USA, Samaritan’s Purse, Medicus Christi — among others— have been building and maintaining health centres, clinics, hospitals, patient education campaigns and providing ongoing care to those who need it most. Volunteers for these missions and countless others have been risking their own health and safety because God has called them to use their skills and talents to help others.

In fact, the first three Americans to contract Ebola were health workers with Christian missions who credited God’s calling as the reason they were working in Liberia at the time they became infected.