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Christian MNA announces donation of 10 lac Rs to Kunri Christian Hospital


Member of National Assembly Asiya Nasir has announced a donation of 10 lac Rupees for Kunri Christian Hospital. Christian lawmaker announced this last month, while attending a Christmas cake cutting ceremony organized by the Kunri Christian Hospital in Kunri – a town in District Umarkot, Sindh.

JUI’s Asiya Nasir whie addressing the attendees said that some elements have tainted peace in our country. She said that religion is being misused in order to spread hatred and strife in the society. MNA Asiya Nasir told the media that overall situation in the country is not satisfactory. She maintained that the citizens do not feel secure because of fouled situation of peace and harmony in the country.

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Christian lawmaker who herself hails from Baluchistan complained that Sindh and Baluchistan are suffering from sectarian violence. She said that in Kot Radha Kishan a Christian couple was burnt alive only because of religion based hatred- which is an epitome of barbarity. She whined that certain elements are fanning sectarian violence in Baluchistan.

During her talk with media, she said that the situation must be brought under control or else lives of people are imperiled. She referred to deaths caused by drought situation in Thar dessert, lamented on the fact that government of Sindh has not done significant efforts in this regard. She said that innocent children are dying because of hunger and thirst yet the provincial government is showing little interest in the matter.

She made special mention that Christians and Hindus had also been instrumental in the movement for creation of Pakistan. She said that minorities had also laid down their lives for the sake of Pakistan before and after the creation of the country. Pakistani Christians and Hindus are also patriotic and nationalists, she asserted.

At the same time, she announced a donation of 10 lac Rupees to Kunri Christian Hospital. She was also accompanied by MNA Nawab Talpur. MNA Talpur said that Christmas is an occasion to celebrate together. He said that in fact, there are no minorities in the country-all are Pakistanis. He said that District Umer Kot is home to Muslims, Christians and Hindus who live together in harmony.