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Christian of Mexico Return Home After Displacement


The case of the 12 displaced families is not a unique story. In Chiapas, a poor region in southern Mexico, indigenous Christians are often displaced by their communities according to Opendoors USA.

For these Christians, their return is a milestone and it has brought them joy. “We have confidence that, despite all the pending uncertainties about our return, God is faithful and He will continue to help us and our community to get along well so we might work together in peace,” says one of the Christians.

Five years ago they were forced to leave their community in Chiapas, Mexico because they came to faith in Jesus Christ. Five years later, the Christians of the Bawitz community have reached an agreement with the community and the government which allowed them to return.

The local community had been persecuting this group, consisting of 12 families, by denying them electricity and water. Persecution became worse when the community forced the families to flee. For five years they lived in another town, but they never stopped fighting for their rights. As a result, the Christians were finally able to go home.