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Christian parents forgive bomber who killed their son in a terror strike


Pakistani Christian parents forgive killer of their son. The couple’s son perished in a terror strike on March 27, Easter Sunday last year. Archbishop of Lahore testify’s to their testimony stating that parents confessed forgiving the suicide bomber.

Attack on Pakistani Christians

Archbishop of Lahore Francis Sebastian Shaw speaking to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), said that: “After celebrating Holy Mass I went up to a married couple to give them my blessing. They told me that my homily on mercy and pardon had helped them greatly, since they had lost a son in the attack in the Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park on Easter Sunday and that they had forgiven the suicide bomber who blew himself up in that attack.”

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“Security has been improved around our religious celebrations… But at the same time people are still a little frightened because, as happened last Easter, we know that we could well be attacked,” Archbishop said while adding, that “the Year of Mercy has been a great blessing for the whole Church and especially for the Church in Pakistan the prayers and the help of so many people who have reminded us that we in Pakistan are not alone. This Year of Mercy was a very special time. The Christians of Pakistan are champions of mercy.”

Archbishop of Lahore further delineated about the current situation of Pakistani Christians said that despite challenges, he described the Christian community in Pakistan as “vibrant, open and patriotic, as people wanting a better society.”

Archbishop said that his is the largest diocese in Pakistan. He detailed that more than, 450,000 Catholic faithful are accommodated in Lahore Diocese. “We are a very tiny minority, yet at the same time we are a very living Church. The great majority of the Christians are very poor, but we are very rich in our faith,” he said while explaining the general condition of Christians.

Archbishop Shaw added: “We need the light of Christ to illuminate our path and so that darkness, war and discrimination may be defeated.”