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Christian people Alliance ask No Alcohol during Lent Season


A Christian social media website has raised voice against the use of alcohol. It says that use of wine or liquor is forbidden in Christianity like it is not allowed in other religions too. But in Pakistan people just for the sake of profit, carrying out this atrocious business. Moreover, they misuse the name of minorities and destroy the lives

Christian people Alliance CPA asked No Alcohol during Lent Season

Nowadays the Christian community is observing Lent Season which began with the Ash Wednesday on 14th February. During this period Christians observe 40 fasts. Then the Resurrection day will be celebrated on first of April.
Pakistani Christian community demands to the Pakistan’s government and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to strictly ban the liquor hubs in the respect of Lent season in all over the country.

During Lent season Christian people do not drink wine or any liquor in the honor of this season. Particularly Catholic community does not drink alcohol neither consume meat on Wednesday and Friday. They abstain from eating meat which reminds them that Jesus died on Friday and gave up his body or flesh. Hence to attain greater communion with Christ they refrain from eating all kind of meat.

In Muslim majority country where consumption of alcohol is prohibited for Muslims, the liquor shops shifted to the the minority residential areas on court’s order in Sindh and Balochistan. While every year many cases of death due to over consumption of alcohol come forward in Punjab where there is no wine shop. Generally the public which drink low quality alcoholic beverages belong to poor laborer or people working on daily wages.

Therefore, the Christian community raises voice to close this ugly marketing since it is of no use rather it consumes lives hundreds of innocent Pakistanis every year.