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Christian Persecution around the World appalled MPs of England


Many politicians attended the Parliament essential information about the religious minorities persecution on Wednesday night n England. In this briefing the nations where the persecution is quite dangerous were mentioned.

Christian Persecution around the World appalled MPs of England

The Members of Parliament who attended the event, included Benjamin Peter James Bradshaw who is a British Labor Party politician and Fiona Claire Bruce is a British Conservative Party politician who is the Member of Parliament for Congleton.

An Egyptian speaker identified as Michael shared with the delegates about the church of Egyptian Evangelical community attack by Islamic extremists group.

The briefing session was held by Christian Charity Open Door of United Kingdom in which the list of 50 most dangerous countries for religious minority persecutions, were revealed to the UK parliament members.
Members of Parliament, who were at the Common Members Dining Room, were called to the House of Commons to vote on European Union back out bill.

Robert Alexander Courts who is a barrister and the Member of the Parliament for Whitney in Oxford shire England said that in the present era where freedom of religious beliefs and practice is expected, the high persecution rate on having basic religious beliefs is apocalyptic.

A Pakistani woman identified as Hannah, in that briefing in England Parliament, told that in Pakistan the first thing which makes her fear is the punishment on sharing her faith openly to anyone.
Theresa Anne Villiers, who was a British Conservative Party politician and former Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet said, “There was a point in which is felt quite tearful; Hannah recounted some really harrowing stories of what had happened to people that she knew in Pakistan. That really brought it home to me.”