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Christian Politician J. Salik Plans on Building ‘Salik Peace University’

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali (R) with Julius Salik (L)
In the meeting, both the politicians discussed building of ‘Salik Peace University’

Ex-Federal Minister Julius Salik has planned on building a University which will be called ‘Salik Peace University’.

In this regard, he met with Ex-President of The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry Senitor Haji Ghulam Ali to discuss the

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali said that J Salik is going to build Salik Peace University which will be a sample of peace in the entire world and we wish to have the kind participation of social workers volunteers’ and philanthropists around the world, so that this university will be able to finish the hate from the world and to bring the people nearer. He said that the twenty first century is the century of Peace, Love, Education and Trade which are the foundation of development but unfortunately the entire world is facing war and the situation of peace is worst at this time.

He said that the responsible of all the countries should sit together for the world peace and to play their role to turn the twenty first century as peace century. He said that we all should respect and be acquainted with the culture and traditions of each other and in my opinion the super powers are more responsible for this job.

J. Salik, popular for his unorthodox style of delivering his thoughts has spent years struggling against social injustice and is renowned for his efforts in helping the under priviliged people in society.
He attempts to bring silent revolution in lives of those who are neglected by society and helps them by lending his voice to their cause.

Though Christian by faith, Salik has stood up for people of all faiths alike and continues to do so.