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Christian refugees devastated by ISIS violence ask all to pray for them


Syrian Christians

Christians who fled from the violence of terror group ISIS urge all to pray for them.

According to CBN News, the Christians who fled from their cities and homes owing to terror group ISIS, are not residing in mainstream refugee camps. These Christians before fleeing were given four clear choices by the ISIS Caliphate; either they coul leave, or if they wanted to stay they would have to pay the Islamic tax for non-Muslims called Jaziya or else they have to convert to Islam otherwise they would be killed.

Majority of these Christian refugees who fled from the face of ISIS terrorists are living currently in neighbourhoods throughout Kurdistan and in Erbil and not in main refugee camps. These Christians have found shelter in churches, Christian schools and homes of Christians.

Life of these Christians is grappling with the abnormal conditions, life threatening situations, deprivation etc. After a regular church service held in Kurdistan which was attended by Christians who fled from ISIS, they spoke to an international media personal. These refugees had fled from Mosul an Iraqi city and the Christian town of Quaracosh.

All of them had stories of suffering and persecution to reveal. One of the Christian refugees, Laith Ganem said, “At the end of the city, ISIS had a checkpoint. They put a gun to my head and said, ‘Whatever you have in your pockets, take it out.’” He added, “I’m really very proud of the Christians because the Christians, they left everything behind and they followed Christ.”

Two other Christian Wisam Jubrael told, “One of our neighbors told us, ‘They killed your cousin because he was a Christian.’ They told us we had to leave,” Sabah Jamil said, “In such kind of circumstances, it’s really hard for families to live all together. For example, we came here and found out we would be living in a small apartment with five or six families. It was very difficult for us.”

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Pastor Abu Fadi who cintinues to conduct church services despite violence by ISIS. He said, “First, when we came here for about eight months, I was asking all the charity organizations, humanitarian organizations to go and visit the people, and the only reason behind it was giving out the Word of God to the people. So, God showed me His Word is not only words, but actions.”

Rota Abdullah Mora from Quaracosh says, “God has moved us and saved us from Quaracosh to here. That means he was faithful to us, but right now we need a faithful heart so please pray for us to have a faithful heart.”

Majority of these Christians who have suffered a lot as their lives shifted around from normal to refugee status urged all to pray for the. “The Christians of Iraq, they need the other parts of the world to pray for them because they are really in need spiritually, physically and emotionally,” another refugee said.

The conversion from normal life to refugee status has never been easy for them. These Christians remain faithful to their faith, despite various troubles. “They really need to pray for us to live in peace and experience the peace of Jesus.”

A 10-year old, Christian refugee girl who’s forgiveness message went viral on the internet. In that message she forgave the terror group ISIS which has devastated her entire life. She came to the service, as she talked with the international media personnel she aired her childlike faith. “Whatever situation we are in, it is because God allowed it. We don’t know how to deal with this life unless we have Jesus with us.”