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Christian refugees face more persecution in Germany, a recent survey reveals


A latest survey reveals that Christian refugees in Germany face persecution in various forms. Christians who had fled persecution in their own homeland such as Syria and Iraq are facing the out of the frying pan and into the fire situation in the refugee camps in Germany.

German refugee camps

Open Doors a Christian persecution watchdog, conducted survey; revealing that this year only since February so far 800 Christian and Yazidi refugees were attacked by other refugees in camps and relief centers. Emily Fuentes, Open Doors USA official stated: “They are starting to see a different kind of persecution. We normally monitor and rank countries where these incidents occur and typically Western countries do not make the list.”

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The survey was conducted during February and September. The survey was conducted in refugee camps near Berlin, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. Nearly half of Christian refugees interviewed said they have suffered some sort of injury. About 300 said that they have received death threats, others were sexually assaulted, discriminated against or harassment.

The most startling findings of the survey were that nearly a third of the Christian refugees said that most of the discrimination and violence came mostly from refugee camp guards of Muslim descent. “We’ve really never seen this in the West before. Many of these refugees experience two kind of persecution that we refer to as smash and squeeze,” Emily Fuentes said.