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Christian Satellite Programs Transforming Lives of Iranians


People of God with their Christian faith are increasing in the majority Muslim country Iran. According to researchers the Iranians are the victim of social, economic and political crisis in Iran. President of Iran Hassan Rouhani made a promise with his people last month after the protest, to solve the crisis the regime is confronting nowadays with the help of Iranian nation.

Christian Satellite Programs Transforming Lives of Iranians

During that protest 21 Iranians lost their life and around thousands of them were arrested. According to Mike Ansari (president of Heart4Iran Ministries), the political crisis in Iran is causing an increase in love for Jesus Christ. God is working in Iran and the Holy Spirit is changing peoples’ lives, he added.

Heart4Iran Ministries is a “non political partnership of multi-national organizations.” It is consists of 86 different ministries which are working as a team for the people of Iran.

A Farsi satellite television channel is broadcasting religious programs since 2006 is Mohabat TV. According to a rough estimation around 16 million people in Iran watched Christian programs on TV and cell phones last year. Anari said that from 2006 to 2017 there is a huge impact of Christianity on about 400 percent of Iranian youth.

Presently there are 4 channels broadcasting Christian programs in Persia. These channels played very important role in the house church movement in Iran, said Ansari. According to World Mission the house church movement in Iran is the one reason of church increasing in the world.

In an interview Mike Ansari told the interviewer that the reason of fastest growing underground churches in Iran is that the people in Iran are curious about the answer of the question about their life that where do they spiritually stand. They were not satisfied with the religion of their ancestors.

The statics show that mostly the new young generation between the ages of 18 to 30 is curious about the life purpose. They remain online all the time, looking for the answer and only get satisfaction in Jesus, explained Ansari.

According to Ansari, the Iranians find no answer of crisis they are facing in the form of different abuses like drugs addiction, depression, suicide and sexual diseases, in their state religion.

He said that the people who abandon Islam to embrace Christianity live in fear because embracing Christianity is illegal for the people belong to Muslim family. Since last 11 years they contacted one million people in Iran who were interested to know about Jesus. Some of them converted to Christianity and some are in search of starting a house church. Sometimes in 2016 they attended 700 calls in one day which result 93 decisions of conversion to Christianity.

He is agreed with the importance of social media for evangelism. He added that God is present in Iran and working among all communities and all the people in the regime are going to know Him.