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Christian school girl thrown into a canal after being sexually assaulted


A Pakistani Christian school girl’s dead body was discovered from the Uper Channab Canal; investigations unfolded that the girl was drugged before being sexually assaulted followed by murder. The 12-year-old victim underwent horrific tragedy on January 23, Monday after being dropped to her school by her brother.

Christian girl raped in Lahore

In keeping with a report by British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) victim Tania was dropped to her school Convent of Jesus and Mary, by her elder brother Johnson on January 23. Around 11:30 am, Johnson received a phone call from Police Station informing him about the murder of his sister Tania. Police had asked him to come to the scene and identify his sister’s dead body.

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Tania died apparently by drowning in the canal. Police claim they found Johnson’s phone number on a register found with the girl. Johnson along with sister Sania rushed to the scene only to discover their expired sister. Tania’s family have expressed serious concerns about the investigations being carried out by the police. Police claims that Tania was apparently depressed; while her class fellows disaffirm the statement.

Victim’s family further claims that on the day of the incident, the CCTV footage shows Tania in plain clothes when she left school and entered a vehicle which had someone else inside. She showed no signs of fear which indicates that she knew the driver.

What is more, Tania’s family say they have not been provided by satisfactory answer to their concerns about their daughter’s trousers ripped when discovered. They believe this to have been a result of a rape. Tania’s father Nadeem Gill and an eldest brother Harrison work in Dubai, while Jonhson works at a local courier service. After learning about the tragedy, Nadeem and Harrison flew to Pakistan

Tania’s father complained that despite the fact that he had requested the police not to carry out further investigations on the body until he arrives; police forced Johnson to sign the consent for carrying out postmortem.

Subsequently, Tania’s dead body was taken to the Civil Hospital Sambrial for postmortem. Nadeem Gill claims that the doctor who had carried out postmortem has allegedly colluded with the police and had prepared a forged autopsy report.