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Christian Schools In Jordan Welcome Iraqi Children Refugees


Schools in Jordan are welcoming Iraqi children refugees who have fled Mosul.

Iraqi Christian refugee children
Iraqi Christian refugee children

According to details, among the 7,000 Christian refugees who were forced to flee from Mosul and Nineveh Plains that have found refuge in Jordan, more than 1,400 are school age children. Seeing the gravity of the matter, Caritas Jordan, a government Committee are considering the case scenario of these students and hope to find a solution to their difficulties soon. The decision they have taken is to incorporate the Iraqi Christian children in the education and training system of the country in particular the Christian schools.

The extensive integration of Iraqi Christian students in Jordanian schools is expected to begin in the school semester which has just started. However, their entry in public schools seems impossible because of the possibility of classrooms being overcrowded. Caritas Jordan has confirmed the willingness to accept the refugee students in the schools of the Latin Patriarchate and other Christian schools, including those linked to the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Iraqi Christian Students are representatives of a portion of the school population that is facing specific problems for example language problems. Some of these refugee children do not speak Arabic fluently and others have temporary learning difficulties as a result of the psychological trauma they suffered after being forced to flee their homes along with their families because of ISIS. Their insertion will take place with the active involvement of the Ministry of Social Development along with the support of some international NGOs that are engaged in helping children.