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Christian Sisters in Shadows After Failed Attempts Of Islamists

abduction is not a solution

Two Christian sisters Hina and Marina from Lahore city near the Nishter police station area were attempted to be kidnapped and forced to convert their religion. The report verifies that Hina and Marina have been chased and pressurized by Islamist radicals, one them was with a “green turban.” The information describes that Islamic radicals wanted to abduct the girl, obligate them to marry, and to force them to discard their Christian religion and accept Islam. The reports also state that according to police sources, Mulan’a Abdul Attiq took his son and nephew Hafiz Nasir and Abid Attri to organize an enforced marriage to both Christian sisters. The enforced marriage efforts have been declined by the Christian sisters and their family.

International human rights agencies have recommend them to lie low, after failed attempts by Islamist radicals to kidnap them, to force marriage on them, and to forcefully convert them to decline their Christian religion.

As an outcome of the sisters’ refusal of such efforts at enforced marriage and pressurized religious conversion, reports point out that the Punjab police in Lahore have declared that those two sisters and their family have committed blasphemy when Muslim priests wanted to talk about the marriage efforts. The report confirms that police have filed FIR under Pakistan law 295-C against the family in blasphemy charges.