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Christian student’s lynching becomes moot point in the National Assembly


Lynching of Christian schoolboy brought under discussion in National Assembly session today September 12. MNA Khaleel George who himself hails from Christian community introduced the matter to the House members. He whined about lack of freedom for the religious minorities in the country.

Christian student killed in Pakistan

Detailing the matter, MNA Khaleel George told the House that: “Sheron Masih lost his life because he drank water in the same glass as the other boys.” He criticized at the curriculum being taught in the schools. “Our school curricula need to be revised to reflect interfaith harmony. The minorities of this country feel alone at the moment.”

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MNA Shazia Marri from Pakistan People’s Party expressed sorrow over the tragic loss of Sharoon Masih saying: “Mashal Khan also lost his life as a result of intolerance within an educational institution.” She criticized the religious intolerance being engraved upon the mindsets saying, “This mindset is fast becoming prevalent in our institutions and society, while the state has shut its eyes.”

She questioned the inaction of government regarding National Action Plan saying “No liberal feels safe in Pakistan. The question is Why is the National Action Plan not being implemented?”

Denouncing the violence, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Asad Umar slammed the religious intolerance and said: “It is our responsibility to take care of this nation’s minorities.” He lashed at the mindsets of religious intolerance saying: “The real danger is this mindset that promotes violence in the society.”

At the same time, the lawmaker demanding stern action against forces that fan the flames of religious intolerance and violence against religious minorities. “The ones maligning the name of religion and Pakistan by falsely calling this Islam need to be brought to justice.”

Last month, 17-year-old Christian student was callously lynched by his classmate at Government MC Model High School for Boys in Burewala city of Vehari District. Parents of Sharoon Masih strongly believe that their son was lynched for drinking water from a glass which was used by all the students.

“His teacher, Nazeer Mohal, sent him back home because he was not wearing the proper uniform. His mother told me later that evening that Sharoon had told her that the teacher had hit him in front of the whole class and also called him a Choohra, among other curse words. She said that he was quite upset at being humiliated in front of the whole class on the very first day of school,” Ilyasab Masih father of Sharoon Masih maintains.