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Christian Students scored excellent marks in 9th standard


“Education has always played the vital role in the run for success for the person as well as for the nations and without this feature and eliminating the exceptional cases people have never been able to acquire and capture the success. Education teaches not only the bookish knowledge to its respondents but it also teaches them the way of living, respect and dignity of the people, the equality and the fundamental rights of the human beings which if understood properly people can create heaven on the Earth”.

Though education we can get a decent job, escape from poverty, support our families and develop our community in Pakistan.

This year the board of intermediate and secondary education (BI&SE) Lahore announced the annual result of 9th class on Saturday, August 19, 2017. where christian students scored excellent marks.

CIP congratulates all the Christian students in Pakistan for showing excellent performance in the annual result of SSC-part 1(9th class) exam.

Here are some of the Christian students from different areas of Pakistan whom got excellent marks in 9th class result:

• A Christian girl Horeb Qamar from Multan got 491 out of 550
• A Christian girl Laraib Nadeem from Fasilabad got 477 out of 550
• A Christian girl Bindya from Sahiwal got 472 Marks out of 550
• A Christian girl Ashbel from Lahore got 464 Marks out of 550
• A Christian boy Shamail Nadir got 483 Marks out 550
• A Christian boy Daud Almas got 472 out of 550

As Christians community in Pakistan played an important role in the field of education , medical and in armed forces, our youth is an asset that will change the current status of christian community in Pakistan.

The merit system in education can bring Christian youth to compete in practical life in Pakistan with Muslim youth.

Christians in Pakistan.