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Christian Town squabble: Anti-terrorism laws ended up being detrimental to Christians says BPCA head


Anti-Terrorism laws have proven to be detrimental to the Pakistani Christians, in the case of Faisalabad’ Christian Town feud. The incident of Christians arrested on May 19 from Faisalabad’ Christian Town area has raised several questions about country’ anti-terrorism laws.

Christians arrested from outside a church in Faisalabad

Expressing great frustration about the recent incident in Christian Town, Wilsom Chaudhry, British Pakistani Christians Association head said, “ The anti-terrorism laws of Pakistan were hailed as an opportunity to end extremism in the country. Yet this attack on an innocent Christian community highlights the pervading corruption of the police and other statutory authorities.”

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Further remarking about this affair, he said,” Thus far implementation of the new laws has impacted negatively on Christians. A review on anti-terrorism laws should be initiated with immediate effect so that other Christians are not persecuted in similar fashion.”

On May 23, Christians staged a protest against the aggression showed by police. At this occasion they were demanding that the continuous oppression of Christians should be halted. The said that anti-terrorism laws were being misused which had caused great nuisance to the Christians of Christian Town. Moreover, the Christians who were hooked by the police were inhumanely tortured during police custody.

They whined that a group of Christians including ex-member of Punjab Assembly Kamran Chughtai were subjected to vicious torture. Kamran Chughtai had to be admitted to a hospital as he suffered from hypertension, followed by the excruciating torture.The protestors insisted on the release of Christians who have been arrested by the police from outside the Christian Life Ministries Church in Christian Town.

Kamal Chughtai, while narrating about the incident said: “I heard the commotion outside the church and came out to see what was wrong. When I tried to bring peace and settle the dispute, I found myself being arrested with other Christians who were also trying to calm down the agitated policemen.”

The incident took place outside the Christian Life Ministries Church, in the predominantly Christian neighborhood in Faisalabad. Followed by a brawl outside the church between the policemen and Christian youngsters, Kamran Chughtai and few other Christians tried to interfere and mediate between the two parties. Those who tried to mediate got arrested over fake charges of terrorism.