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Christian Volunteer Expelled from Service for Preaching Gospel


According to Christian Concern organization (a Christian organization in the United Kingdom which seeks to introduce a Christian voice into law, the media and Government) report, Pastor Paul Song had strong bond with the imprisoned people. Many prisoners and jail staff have accepted Jesus Christ their savior and brought positive change in their lives.

Christian Volunteer Expelled From Duties for Preaching Gospel

The report said that Imam Mohammed Yusaf Ahmed took the responsibilities as a Senior Chaplain in 2015 at HMP Brixton (Her Majesty’s Prison) in South London.

Pastor Song said that Imam began inspecting their religious literature and annotated them that Christians’ views are ‘extreme’ and their religious material ‘too radical’.

The pastor said that all around the world all churches follow the same ‘Christian course’. Moreover the Imam said that he wanted to bring change in the Christian supremacy in HMP Brixton.

According to Christian concern Pastor Song share Alpha course approved by the previous senior clergyman, Worthy Phillip Chadder. Only 10 of such courses are shared with the prisoner.

Last year in August, the Imam sent an email to Pastor Song saying him to ‘cancel the course’ but Song kept on meeting with the prisoners.

Imam’s email states, “You do not have permission to enter the wings and nor do you have the permission to speak to any prisoners here at HMP Brixton. If you do turn up to here without my prior permission from me, your keys will be confiscated and you will be walked to the gate.”

Later the pastor was expelled from his duty without telling the reason. Pastor Song met the Imam who did not let him enter in the prison and told him no need ‘to appeal against’ his removal from service.

Last year in September Pastor Song received a letter from the Head of Reducing Re-Offending at HMP Brixton, informing him that his removal from prison service is forever because he is accused of calling a prisoner ‘terrorist’. While Pastor Song refused to accept this blame.

According to the Christian Concern UK organization report the Prison Group Director at the London and Thames Valley Prisons emailed Song and informed him that “the exclusion (from HMP Brixton) is permanent.”

Quoting verse from the Bible the Pastor Song said that Bible teaches to love your neighbor and he never used rough language with the offenders or any other person. Moreover he told the reason of serving at prison was to share gospel with the prisoners without knowing their religious background. And he has faith that the word of God has the power to transform the lives of its hearer.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre condemned the expulsion of Pastor who served around 20 years transforming the prisoners’ lives without any flaw. We are planning to give legal notice to Brixton Prison for its unjust action, she added.

A Prisons Service spokesperson told that the governor of HMP Brixton decided about the removal of the pastor Song for collapse of his terms with the staff at the prison.