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Christian woman brutally tortured by Police in Lahore


HOLLAND: The Pakistan Christian Congress Chief in Holland expresses strong condemnation over the incident of a Christian woman tortured in police custody.



Mistreatment of Women
Mistreatment of Women

In accordance with the details, Pervez Iqbal- President of Pakistan Christian Congress Holland has resolutely denounced the affliction of severe torture to a Christian woman in Police custody by the police officers of Nawab Town Police Station Lahore.


According to details, Nusrat Bibi was booked by the police under theft charges, as while the still in police custody she was brutally tortured by the police officers of the respective police station while they were investigating into the case. This affliction taints the humanitarian values. The earsplitting proof of this incident; the picture of Nusrat Bibi undergoing ruthless physical and mental affliction in the Nawab Town Police Station remains the biggest witness against the respective Police officers.



Mistreatment of women is extensive in Pakistan, a nation of some 18 million where most people are underprivileged, barely half the adults can read amid extremist ideologies, counting the Taliban’s, are gaining grip. This brutal mistreatment with women has been a trademark of such entities in the past while seeing the picture of the torture in NawabTown police station; it becomes hard to believe that such deviltry is happening blatantly in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In Pakistani society women are said to be heirs of respect and protection to as in accordance with the religion and social norms as well as given priority in the Constitution and Law of the state. Unfortunately, when the protectors of law become its violators, who can save the nation while the authorities close their eyes, not heeding the cries of the afflicted people whom they were commissioned to serve. The protection of poor and innocent Pakistani’s rises as a big question to the newly elected Nawaz Government, under such circumstances.


While sternly criticizing the Nawab Town Police Station staff, Pervez Iqbal demanded immediate action against the offenders in addition to legal proceedings for misuse of their powers against poor lady, while the police authorities are urged to make sure that no such incidences happen in future.