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Christian woman tortured for refusing to take up house cleaning job


A 58-years-old, Christian woman faces humiliation bears brutal torture for refusing to take up the job of domestic worker at a landlord’s house. The victim Bashiraan Bibi resident of Pattoki in Punjab province made both ends meet by working as a cleaner at houses as her husband is paralyzed and is unable to earn a living for his family.

Persecution of Pakistani Christians

American Center for Law and Justice reports that on September 24, 2016 Bashiraan Bibi met with unfortunate occurrence when she was stopped by a local influential landlord M. Afzal of the village. He asked Bashiraan Bibi to clean his house but the Christian woman refused on the ground that she already had too many houses to clean; her refusal landed her into deep trouble.

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M. Afzal purportedly was incensed to hear a refusal from a Christian; grabbed her by hair disgracefully
Threw her on the floor and started kicking and punching her. The poor Christian woman became unconscious and was severely injured. While Afzal ws beating Bashiraan, his wife pleaded him to leave the Christian woman alone but he was not willing to let her go without giving a vent to his fury.

After Afzal left her unconscious in the street Bashiraan regained her senses and left for her house. Bashiraan’s son Paras Masih took her to a hospital where the doctors revealed that she had a fractured shoulder along with bruises. Her son took her to the local police station in order to get a complaint registered but the police officer on duty was not willing to pay heed to the plight of the victim.

The American Center for Law and Justice reports that on October 20, they filed a petition in the local court after obtaining substantial proof of the torture. ACLJ asked the court to direct the police to register a case against M. Afzal. Consequently, the court has directed the police to submit its comments in this case.

ACLJ states: “The police officer in charge of the investigation did not submit any comments at the next hearing. So, the court allowed us to deliver argument on the basis of Bashiraan Bibi’s medical report.”

On the other hand, the culprit’s brother had stated before the court the Afzal “was mentally ill and asked for leniency from the court,” ACLJ reported. The court thus asked both thee parties to reach a settlement. As a result, the defendant also tried to offer monetary compensation to the victim however, Bashiraan Bibi reportedly wants to press charges against Afzal. Therefore, the court during its hearing on December 9, directed the investigation officer to register a case against M. Afzal.

“We are waiting for the police to register formal charges on the basis of the court order. If the police still refuse to file a case, we will go back to the court. Once the case is filed, the police are required to submit an investigation report and the proceedings will begin. We will continue to represent Bashiraan,” ACLJ states.