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Christian women are more religious than men, most persecuted says a report


Christian women

Christian women are more religious as compared to Christian men …. and are most persecuted, a recent research finds.

The research was based on a survey conducted in 192 countries worldwide, which has helped to realize that: Christian women are more religious than Christian men. Moreover, the countries where the survey was carried out included 50 such countries where it is hardest to live as a Christians. The findings of the survey revealed a gloomy disclosure according to which: “Christian women are bearing up against the religion based persecution in the 50 countries where it is hardest to be a Christian.”

In line with the research carried out by the Pew Research Center, on the whole, women are more religious than men, putting this in figures about 83.4 percent of women worldwide identify with a faith group, as compared to 80 percent of men. The survey claims that it’s a difference of 97 million people. The Pew Research Center further claims that about a third of the world’s women about 33.7% identify themselves as Christian; which is larger than any other group.

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The survey further analyzed the daily routine habits of Christian women as compared to men. In this regard, data was collected from 54 countries; which revealed that Christian women were reported “praying daily or more frequently than Christian men” by an overall average gap of 10 percentage points, the survey revealed.

In 29 of the countries under examination; more women were reported praying daily by a margin of 10 percentage points or more as compared to Christian men. This margin ranged ascended to 25 points in Greece. In connection to church attendance, Christian women are more likely to attend worship services then men to about 7 percentage points according to data collected from 53 countries.

Furthermore, Christian women are more expected to say religion is “very important” to them; in comparison to Christian men. Christian women are ahead by an overall average of 7 percentage points across 54 countries. In 15 countries, more women than men say “religion is very important to them” by margins which range from 10 percentage points in Peru, Chile and the United States and to 23 points in South Korea.